Thanksgiving Table

PB thanksgiving table

Are y’all ready for Thanksgiving? I’m not. Never am. I enjoy the time with my family – don’t get me wrong. It is just a lot of pressure. Now that I am a grown up I am the one who hosts it for my extended family. I think my mother is tired of doing it and I should be honored that she passed the baton to me, but I get nervous that I will overcook the turkey or mess up my great great grandmother’s stuffing recipe. And I might. But hopefully the Thanksgiving table will look great and my home will feel warm and inviting. That is more important to me than the food. I believe if your house looks good, the food will taste better.

A Natural Look

It was time to change up the decorations on my Thanksgiving table. The photo above from the Pottery Barn catalog caught my eye. I normally keep it pretty modern but I have been inspired by natural greenery that has become such an important part of contemporary decor. I bought a Eucalyptus artificial garland by Hearth and Home to put on my table and some pie pumpkins for a $1.93 each at my grocery store. And I threw in some mini white pumpkins. 

I usually use white plates, but they seemed too stark with the earthy tones of the greenery and pumpkins. I decided to pull out my old Lenox cream and gold china that we got as wedding gifts. No one will know these babies are 25 years old. (Brides: always go with classic china patterns!) I still can’t believe I have been married long enough to have vintage china! Then I brought in some gold candlesticks and some funky gold chargers that I bought on a whim at Homegoods a couple of years ago because I still needed a little more gold on the table. 

Then I took a photo of the table so I could write about decorating my Thanksgiving table and share it with my fabulous followers. Y’all, photos don’t lie. Suddenly I realized it was boring and blah. The orange in the pumpkins was too much contrast with the muted green of the eucalyptus garland and cream pumpkins and plates.

thanksgiving table pumpkins

So I grabbed my gold spray paint. And in just a few minutes I had modern, gold pumpkins. The table arrangement needed some height in the middle so I found a squatty candlestick and painted that gold too.  It looked pretty good, but I felt like it needed one more element. I went looking around my house for something to steal. (You don’t always have to buy new stuff when you decorate – sometimes you just need to move stuff around.) I found some small deer antlers in my son’s room that he had collected over the years. (No animals were harmed while decorating the Thanksgiving table- these are the antlers that deer naturally shed every year in the fall.) I tucked a few of the antlers in among the garland and pumpkins. It now looked full and complete.

thanksgiving tablescape with gold

Now to find Great Grandma Ryan’s stuffing recipe. And some wine. Good wine covers a multitude of cooking mistakes. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am truly grateful that I get to share my creations with you and hopefully inspire you in the process. Thanks for following along!

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