Why You Need a Designer

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An Interior Designer Can Save You Time & Money

An interior designer who is a good listener can be an unbiased person who can point out how your home needs to change in order to support you and inspire you. Here at KRD, I ask every potential client to fill out this short questionnaire to begin the communication process which I believe is key to a successful design project.

DIY is popular these days but remodeling and decorating mistakes can be costly. For example, purchasing a custom sofa that is too big for your living room or ordering a rug online that is the wrong color or size result in headaches and inconvenience. An interior designer knows how to fix your design dilemmas and guarantee satisfaction. If you are on a tight budget, a designer can get the best value out of your investment amount.

Driving around to furniture stores and spending countless hours online looking for the perfect items can be exhausting. A professional interior designer is familiar with the best brands, current colors and styles and can create a beautiful room that suits your taste in a fraction of the time.

Paint colors seem almost infinite and it can be really easy to choose the wrong one. Who has the time, or desire, to make countless trips to the paint store for samples? While paint may be cheap, labor is not. Eliminate the risk of having to repaint and hire an interior designer with color training to help you pick your paint color with confidence. (Read my post Ugly is Uninspiring to see how this can happen.)

Increase the Value and Marketability of Your Home

Hiring an interior designer can help you find ways to increase the value of your home, since they make it their job to be up on the latest styles and trends, which homebuyers prefer. Considering new flooring? There are thousands of wood and tile options out there. You do not want to spend money on installing expensive dated tile that won’t help sell your house.

Have you ever been in a disagreement with your spouse about changes and as a result nothing gets done? Bring in a mediator! A designer can help marry different styles and offer suggestions to create a cohesive plan to meet your needs.

It seems as though every day more brick and mortar buildings are closing. Generally online purchasing is the easiest way to shop but making large purchases without seeing the item first is risky. Returns for home furnishings are expensive. Interior designers go to trade shows to see the new products and have access to fabric and products in showrooms that are not available to the public. Possibilities for custom furniture and window treatments are endless if you enlist the help of a designer.

Valuable Contacts and Resources

Interior designers have many resources for furniture, accessories and fabric and also valuable contacts with reputable contractors, plumbers and electricians .

An experienced interior designer can help you avoid all of these mistakes and will guarantee a room that you love. Renderings, mood boards and space plans will give you an excellent idea of what the completed space will look like. Even if you can’t afford to buy all the items at one time, having a plan will keep you from making impulse buys and will allow you to eventually have a cohesive, beautiful room after a little time and patience.

Your home should support you, nurture you and inspire you.  In the last 10 years there have been several studies about the psychology of design and researchers have found that there are many aspects of your home that can affect your mood in a negative way: incorrect lighting, the wrong paint color, wrong furniture layout, and colors that don’t play well together, to name a few. Interior decor can affect your emotional well-being. At KRD, our desire is for those decisions to impact you in a positive way so you and your family can thrive in your home.

Collaborative Effort = Beautiful Home

I believe designing your home should be a collaborative effort between you and your designer.  At the initial consultation we will discuss your vision, lifestyle, style preferences, and what inspires you. If you would like to move forward in the design process, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire from which I will be able to create a design plan and rendering of your new space that will reflect your goals and budget.  With my full service design, I will do all of the ordering and scheduling of deliveries within 90 days. My mission is to create a beautiful home that can support you and your loved ones to live your best life.

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